Our activities in Central New York

HGCNY ©Janet Allen
Our banner on the day of HGCNY's annual plant sale

Janet is involved with Habitat Gardening in Central New York, a chapter of Wild Ones, and John is involved with Edible Gardening CNY.

Both of these organizations are simply people getting together to learn from each other and from local experts. It's important to learn from people who have been working in their areas and thinking about these issues for a long time.

But that "head knowledge" is useless if it feels too foreign to incorporate into our life, or it feels too threatening to be the only one making changes. That's where fellow community members come in.

It's nice to know other real people who are similarly striving to move toward a more sustainable lifestyle. We've found that the people attracted to these groups are the kind of people we like to know!

And beyond

One organization that we think may be good to contribute to is Kiva.org. This organization provides microloans to individuals in the developing world. Although this investment doesn't yield interest, out of the more than $1,000 we've loaned, we've lost less than $25 due to bad loans, since we choose 4- or 5-star loans. We have only about $500 of our money in the program; the $1,000 results from reloaning the repayment money. As far as we know this organization has a good reputation, and it contributes to sustainability on a larger scale.