Our green, good food

Blueberry cluster  ©Janet Allen
We look forward all year to our delicious crop of blueberries

The more we learn about all the issues related to food, the more we realize that it's one of the most significant parts of living a sustainable life—and of living a "good life" full of delicious food.

Red carrots ©Janet Allen
Some varieties are especially nutritious

We especially are interested in food that contributes to our good health and we're increasingly aware that real food is the foundation of good health.

And of course we want safe food and, like everyone else, delicious food.

Kale ©Janet Allen
We grow lots of veggies

But we're also are trying in a variety of ways to obtain our food in a way that contribute to sustainability: by growing much of our own food, by choosing organic products, by buying foods grown locally, and by choosing foods that promote justice.

We invite you to visit Our Edible Garden website, too.

Food preparation
Cooking: the only alternative to industrial food

We do pretty much all our own cooking from scratch using healthy ingredients—so how could it not end up delicious?

We're sharing some of our favorite vegetarian recipes, and hope you can use them as inspiration to create your own versions.

Our first composter in the late '70s ©Janet Allen
Building our first composter in the late 70s

And what to do with food waste? We don't waste food we prepare, but there are always the inevitable peelings and so on. We reserve our regular backyard compost pile (described in Our Edible Garden) for yard waste.

A vermicomposter ©Janet Allen
A vermicomposting worm happily eating one of our banana peels

We let the worms do the work of composting our food scraps, then harvest the compost for our garden, creating a wonderful cycle of life.