Location: Our community

(Enlarge)  ©Janet Allen
Our neighborhood

Our suburb is not city-like in the traditional sense, since it's primarily residential, not mixed use. So, in terms of our location, it's not a model for a sustainable community. There's not much we can do about that, though.

At least there's a small shopping center that happens to be within walking distance where we can get our groceries and most general items.

(I say it's within walking distance, but apparently we're the only ones who think so since we see very few people walking to the store.)

It's interesting to see in the photo the difference in the suburbs developed when our house was built and the newer suburbs at the left of the photo. In just twenty years or so after our suburb was built with a traditional street grid, the newer development created a more confusing pattern of curving streets.

We're grateful to live in an older suburb, before the advent of the notorious homeowners' associations! (However, there are shockingly abhorrent provisions written in the original deed's covenant, which thankfully would no longer be legal…)