Our shelter

Our house ©Janet Allen
Our house 30 years ago when we first moved in

We all need shelter, but how much is enough?

The size of modern homes as well as the materials used has a huge impact on our own lives, our health, and especially the health of the earth.

Since what has become "conventional" isn't sustainable, people are starting to explore alternatives, such as small homes, and home built out of different materials.

Even the community structure determines to a large extent how much we can do to lead a sustainable lifestyle.

The utilities that help us live our lives inside our home make a difference, too. Heating and cooling are big energy items, and so is lighting. Conserving clean water is important, too. Our many appliances can use a lot of energy, but there are alternatives to this, too, especially for laundry.

Our yard is also a part of our shelter, and how we choose to maintain it makes a difference for all creatures, for the earth, and also for our own spirits.