Our yard

Along road  ©Janet Allen
Some of our roadside garden

We have a typical urban/suburban yard— urban in that we're not out in the new, sprawling suburbs with the one-acre or more lots; suburban in that we're not in the city, but rather in the first ring of suburbs, with lots perhaps a little larger than in the city core and more homogeneously residential.

Our lot is about 80 x 180, but since we're on a corner, we actually have the use of what is officially town property along the streets.

Edible garden(Enlarge)  ©Janet Allen
Some of our edible garden

With our decent-size, though not large, lot we manage to provide lots of habitat for many small creatures (hopefully, smaller than squirrels) as well as grow a good deal of our own food.

What we do NOT grow is very much lawn!

It's heartbreaking to see so much land in our cities and suburbs not only wasted by being covered with turf grass, but actively destroying topsoil and spreading toxic substances.

Most important, our yard is full of life and is life-giving, and this has reconnected us to the natural world and has fed us with much delicious, nutritious food. Our Habitat Garden and Our Edible Garden are the foundation of our green, "good life."