Our green "good life" in Central New York

We don't expect that any of the lifestyle changes we've made, described in this website, will solve the world's environmental problems. These problems are far too large.

A fundamental change in policies and in how our society works is needed if we are to leave a living planet for future generations.

So what is the point of our efforts?

First, if lots of people start living greener lives, it's sure to make a dent in the problems the world has.

Second, far from being sacrifices, the changes we've made have led to improvements in our lives—the genuine, soul-satisfying kinds, not the soul-deadening quest for "more and bigger" we've been told we should want for the last few decades.

Third, knowing what we know about the world's environmental problems, how could we do otherwise?

We don't have all the answers. We're experimenting and inventing what a "green" lifestyle that is also part of a "good life" would look like, at least for us.

We're convinced that transformational changes are needed, not just patches that make our lifestyle less bad.

We're also convinced that we need to live in a way that strengthens our local regions and communities.

We've started on the road to these changes, but we still have a long way to go.

We suspect that the greenest "good life" will end up being a blend of some of the inventions and social changes of the twentieth century with the timeless values we held before consumerism took over.

We're trying to create a new lifestyle incorporating the best of the new—for example, the internet, medical advances, improvements in social justice— and the best of the old—for example, a less frenzied pace, appreciation of "enoughness," and living with a closer connection to nature.

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We'll be updating this website as we continue to change and grow.

We hope our discoveries will help you on the path to your own green "good life," and that our efforts will inspire your own efforts.

All our children and their children are depending on it.

All life on earth is depending on it.

Join us in creating a healthier planet!