About us

JanetJanet Allen© Janet Allen

Janet's special interest is in our habitat garden, described in Our Habitat Garden, although John works on it, too.

For more information about Janet, visit Our Habitat Garden.

JohnJohn© Janet Allen

John's special interest is in our edible garden, described in Our Edible Garden, although Janet works in it, too.

For more information about John, visit Our Edible Garden.

We're working together to invent a sustainable, yet very satisfying lifestyle, described in this website.

Do you need a speaker for your CNY club or organization?

Everyone likes to learn more about landscaping their yards or about growing food.

John and Janet are Toastmasters, and both have achieved Advanced Communicator Gold. They're available to give presentations to any group.

Janet has presentations on:

  • Habitat Gardening for Life: An overview of basic habitat gardening principles
  • Gardening for Monarchs and Other Butterflies: Describes the monarch's fascinating life story, how to create a Monarch Waystation, and how to create a butterfly-friendly yard for all kinds of butterflies
  • On the Wings of Pollinators: Discusses the importance of pollinators, the pollinator crisis for wild bees (not just honey bees), and how people can help right in their own yards
  • Creating a Bird-Friendly Yard: Interesting facts about birds and how to enhance your yard with habitat elements especially important for birds
  • Designing a Earth-friendly Habitat Garden: How to design an attractive, yet wildlife-friendly, earth-friendly, and people-friendly yard

Contact her at habitatcny /at/ gmail.com (substituting the @ sign) for information about fees and availability.

John has a presentation on Edible Gardening in Central New York.

Contact him at ediblecny /at/ gmail.com (substituting the @ sign).