Building with cob

Wheelbarrow of materials ©Greg Allen
Wheelbarrow of materials

Clay preferably comes from the site itself. After being mixed with straw, it forms a rock-solid building material. Houses in England made with just such a material have lasted nearly 500 years!

Cob houses

Cob house(Enlarge)
Our son's first independently-designed house

This is our son's first cob building project, although he never lived in this home.

This structure is part of an environmental center and is not generally used as a residence, and it doesn't have a kitchen or bathroom.

Earthen floor  ©Greg Allen
Creating an earthen floor

Here, he's creating an earthen floor out of cob.

Inside shelves(Enlarge) ©Greg Allen

Shelves can be built in to the walls, and the windows can have. Note exposed stone foundation.

Child helping  ©Greg Allen
Child helping

Cob is so easy a child can help! Here is our 2-year-old grandson helping Uncle Greggy build a meditation studio for a client.

Not just houses

Wall in progress ©Janet Allen
A garden wall

Cob can be used to make garden walls. This one is still in progress. It will be covered with plaster, and it will have a green "roof."

Earthen oven  ©Greg Allen
An earthen oven

Cob can be used to make an earthen oven.